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Behind the Wax

Hello, and welcome! I'm Elena Noriega, Licensed Esthetician, Wax Specialist and owner of Be Waxed Studio.

As someone who has struggled with acneic skin and unwanted body hair; which led to low self-esteem and depression, my reason and purpose is to create a positive environment for anyone who has experienced the same and/or similar issues and feelings.

Born and raised in Northern Nevada, after finishing high school, I moved to sunny California where I discovered what an Esthetician was while in search for help with my own acne issues. Upon learning what an Esthetician does, I immediately discovered that's what I wanted to become and would love as my career!

Eventually California didn't work out for me anymore, so I set off on a new adventure and a fresh new start that brought me back to Nevada in Fabulous Las Vegas! Shortly after, I enrolled myself in beauty school and obtained my Esthetics License in 2006. I was thrilled when I landed my first full-time job as an Esthetician only a couple of months after receiving my license, but the new opportunity didn’t last long as the Salon & Spa suddenly closed indefinitely only six months after starting there.  I took the first job I could get while I tried to search for other salon opportunities, but it was quite challenging due to having very little experience. Eventually I secured a decent paying job on the Las Vegas Strip, where I ended up staying for seven years. Although I held the Strip job for many years I always dreamed of returning to the beauty industry one day and help others feel and look their best.

In 2015 after my first child was born, I re-entered the beauty industry at a large franchise company as a Wax Specialist and soon fell in love with waxing. Fast forward three years later, I decided to go solo and opened Be Waxed in April 2018!

Even though I lacked any business knowledge I took the risk making many mistakes and faced unexpected obstacles and challenges,

not just business wise, but in my personal life too.

Regardless of everything that happened and mindful that I still have a long way to go, I am so happy and proud of having made the decision to become independent and launch Be Waxed Studio. 

I believe in my dream and will continue to push forward with dedication and purpose.

At Be Waxed I am determined to offer my guests support to define what beauty means and looks like to you and to feel empowered to

Be the Best Version of Yourself beyond waxing,

whether it's physically or mentally!

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